“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” — John Dewey

Tenets & Practices

As dedicated high school and college tutors in Portland, we at Tutor Visions believe,

  1. That learning involves the whole person, nothing less;
  2. That how you learn is unique, bound up with how you relate to others and the world;
  3. That learning is collaborative–that two minds engaged with each other unlock and activate untapped intellectual and emotional potential;
  4. That by working with a private tutor to develop essential habits and skills you are able to ask and pursue important questions about a subject and employ the methods of a given field;
  5. That learning involves follow through, a commitment to finishing challenging tasks in the face of frustration or fatigue.

As high school and university tutors, our mission is to help students solve academic problems and chart their knowledge path, to mentor their learning in ways true to their sense of self.

In our work as your private tutors, we intend,

  • To create a context for your learning. We’ll start with the big picture, establishing your core goals and responsibilities;
  • To create a structure for your learning by helping you identify best study practices;
  • To support and stimulate your learning process by asking you questions that help guide you through your subjects of study;
  • To teach you writing by listening to you with scrupulous care, by showing respect for your voice, and by offering you supportive feedback and technical approaches as needed.
David Wolf, Ph.D.

David Wolf

As the founder of Tutor Visions, I draw on decades of teaching and tutoring experience in both high schools and universities. After graduating from Brown University and teaching English in Italy, I earned my Ph.D. in English Literature from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY). I’ve taught at city universities in New York and Portland, been English Department Chair at St. Benedict’s Preparatory School in Newark, N.J., and a Writing Instructor for Portland State University’s Honors College, where I worked successfully with hundreds of seniors writing their honors theses. I publish academic research as well as journalism and continue to evolve my pedagogy for today’s students growing up in the digital age.

At Tutor Visions, helping students realize their academic potential is our greatest passion. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

— David Wolf, Ph.D.


Patrick Breslin

Mentorship and teaching others have been my passion for the last several years. As a student at the University of Oregon, I enjoyed being an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for two years, helping my peers better understand Mathematics. After graduating in 2020 with a B.S. in Mathematics and a B.A. in Spanish, I have worked as a counselor for the Ross Mathematics Program and as a tutor.

It has been a pleasure working with David Wolf at Tutor Visions and offering individualized tutoring and support to our students. I look forward to the opportunity to support more students with their academic pursuits. 

— Patrick Breslin

Patrick Breslin