“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” — John Dewey

The Benefits of College Application Guidance & Tutoring:

College Application Guidance & Tutoring in Portland

Private tutors who demystify the process

Our job as your private tutors in Portland will be to demystify the college application process. We’ll use writing exercises and conversation to establish what you want in a college, then employ the best online tools to identify the colleges and academic programs that form the right fit for you. 

Based on your academic, social, and economic priorities, we’ll work with you to finalize a college list and put together a financial plan. As experienced high school and college tutors, we’ll provide expert guidance, helping you to present yourself to admissions departments in the best light.

You may not realize it, but you’ve been working on your college applications since you began high school. The top factor for admissions remains the high school transcript–GPA and courses taken–which stems from freshman year. The same applies to the extracurricular activities you’ve committed to. Working with us as your private tutors for the college application process, you take stock of your accomplishments and pivot to presenting yourself and your vision of the future to the colleges of your choice.

College tutors who find schools that fit your needs

As experienced college tutors in Portland, we’ll guide you through the use of resources such as the U.S. Department of Education’s college search tool, College Navigator. This tool lets us search for schools by location, degrees offered, programs and majors, tuition and fees, setting, size, and much more. College Navigator allows you to compare schools, save your session, and export your results into a spreadsheet.

Another useful online college search platform, set up specifically to assist first generation and underrepresented college applicants, is called College Greenlight.

As your university tutors in Portland, we can work together with you using these tools to organize an application plan that suits your needs.

Another valuable resource for learning about different colleges is the National Association for College Admission Counseling, which boasts an informative podcast called “College Admissions Decoded.”

College Application Guidance & Tutoring in Portland
College Application Guidance & Tutoring in Portland

SAT and ACT Prep Tutors

We also provide support as you prepare to take the Reading and Language sections of the SAT and/or the English, Reading, Writing, and Science sections of the ACT. As private SAT Tutors in Portland, we teach strategies that help you test more efficiently and raise your scores. 

As experienced reading tutors and SAT Tutors, we’ll teach you how to answer all the different kinds of questions. As your private tutors in Portland, we’ll carefully review your practice tests and explain to you any missteps in reading or logic that resulted in a wrong answer.


College application tutors

In applying, you’ll use the premium online application platforms, The Common Application (or The Common App) and The Coalition, (short for The Coalition for College Access). Both The Common App and the Coalition platforms offer tools that help you calculate the cost of an education at the colleges of your choice while familiarizing you with financial aid options. Our college tutors will guide you through efficient utilization of these platforms and help you figure out your budgetary needs.

The U.S. Department of Education website offers a comprehensive introduction to the financial aid application process. You must consult individual college websites—and perhaps contact college admissions departments directly—to learn full details of the possible financial aid packages available to accepted applicants.

College Application Guidance & Tutoring in Portland

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