“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” — John Dewey

Our website is live! Here is an overview and tour of the Tutor Visions site.

College Admissions Coaching Process in Portland, Oregon

Tutorvisions.com is live on the internet. Our new website is
up and running! To mark the event, I’m providing a brief overview and tour of what you’ll find when you visit.

We at Tutor Visions are dedicated to serving students and
their families in the Portland metro area and beyond. We provide an holistic, collaborative approach to learning, drawing on my twenty-five years of teaching
experience in both high schools and universities to give you the empathic support and strategic guidance you need.

As you scroll down on our home page, you’ll find an
interface with our six types of service, then below a message to parents, a notice of our upcoming summer college application essay workshops in Portland, a space
where blogs like this get posted, a selection of testimonials from students and colleagues, and a place to sign up to receive our newsletter full of free
academic advice. You’ll also see where we’re located, at Urban Office, 4949 SW
Macadam Avenue, Portland, OR, 97239.

If you scroll back up to the interface with our services or click
through the tool bar at the top of the home page, you can read about our range
of services. Click on any of the yellow icons and you’ll be taken to a specific
service page. We offer,

  • Comprehensive academic tutoring for high school
  • Comprehensive academic tutoring for college
  • Expert one-on-one tutoring in Portland for high school
    seniors writing their college application essays; 
  • Comprehensive guidance and tutoring in Portland for high school seniors
    and their families as they go through the college application process;
  • Tutoring in study and self-management skills,
    either to help you address organizational and learning challenges or to refine your
    work habits so you become a more active, efficient learner;
  • Summer application essay workshops in Portland for rising
    seniors so they can use summer break, when time is abundant and pressure from
    school low, to complete their college application essays.

Our services pages not only lay out what we do, they
describe our tutoring methods–how we will help you grow in many different ways
as a student and learner.

For more about our philosophy and tutoring practices, you
can go to the About page, where you’ll find an outline of our core beliefs, our
mission statement, and a statement of our holistic practices. At the bottom
you’ll also find a brief bio of me.

We have deep convictions about each of our “Tenets and
Practices” stated on the About page, but I want to highlight one central tenet:
“At Tutor Visions, we believe that learning
is collaborative–that two minds engaged with each other unlock and activate
untapped intellectual and emotional potential.”

David Wolf mentoring student, College Essay Application Coaching

This is an idea that
comes from my long experience working one-on-one with students to help them
build skills and solve learning challenges. The mentor-mentee relationship is
unique, and when the mentor is skilled and experienced, the collaboration fostered
helps the student unlock and activate ideas, questions, words, and feelings
that would otherwise remain inaccessible. At Tutor Visions we provide mentoring
services in Portland that shape and build upon institutional school learning, fostering
dynamic and personal learning experiences. 

Another takeaway from the website is that we are innovative
and expert tutors of writing in many forms, including college application
essays. If you’re a high school student or a relative of one, please take a
close look at our Workshops page where we detail how we stage the complete
writing process, including pre-writing, drafting, sharing, and revision, so
that students produce well-crafted, deeply thought through essays.

Finally, we invite you to look at and use our Resources page
where we provide links to everything from an innovative new planner that
develops executive function skills to 
nicely produced video tutorials that teach you how to become a better
critical reader. We want to make this website an educational resource for all
visitors, and we plan to add more valuable resources, organized by category
(High School Curricular Resources, Study and Self-management Resources,
Applying to College Resources, etc.), as we go forward.

In the same spirit, we’ll also be posting a frequent blog
that will discuss important ideas in education as well as key teaching and
learning practices, thus contributing to current conversations in Portland and nationwide among
stakeholders in high school and college communities.

So, thanks for reading! Enjoy the website, and please feel free to provide your email address to receive the newsletter or to fill out the Contact page so that we can discuss working with you. I am always available, either by email or phone, to answer questions. Be well. — David Wolf